A to Z: The Big Party Invitation!

Alright, alright, listen up everyone!

Because I’m a nice guy and all. Cocaine will… be supplied at my party! Drinks will be in abundance. Ecstacy is yours to bring. Friends of friends are allowed to come too. Get over to my place and we’ll have a big party! House parties are a great way to meet new people. Ice creams of all sorts will be supplied! Just for dessert though, I don’t want you to spoil your dinners! Kickstarter helped fund this party! Loud music and cool vibes. Massive Attack at dinner time, then dubstep after six! No Justin Bieber or Will.I.Am at my party! Only good music is allowed at my joint! P Diddy’s comin to the party. Queen is also a surefire way of lightening up a room. Rock and Roll all night long baby! So i really hope you can make my party. Thanks to all the people that helped Kick-start this thing! Until then, adios my friend! Violets and roses will line the entrances. Why not make an appearance? Xylophones will be dimly playing in the background, who doesn’t enjoy the smooth sound of xylophones?







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